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How Is Sex Determined?

In most cases...

During the first 16 weeks of development in the womb, the embryo will usually fully develop either male or female body parts.

The combination of an X chromosome and a Y chromosome will usually result in a male.

The combination of an X chromosome and another X chromosome will usually result in a female.

This is not true in all instances, as is the case with those who are born with ambiguous sex.

Click HERE to watch an interactive animation by NOVA, of the first 16 weeks of development. (Requires flash)

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Is Intersex Common?

No one really knows ...

Medically speaking, intersex is defined as "congenital anomaly of the reproductive and sexual system." There is no standard "intersex body" because being born with ambiguous sex can present itself in many different ways.

Including, but not limited to external genitalia, internal reproductive organs, or an endocrine system that is different from most other people of that sex. Due to the vague defining boundaries of intersex, it's difficult to determine specific statistics on this population.

However, it is estimated that about one in 2,000 children (5 children per day) are born visibly intersex in the United States. [Cit.]

October 26th is Intersex Awareness Day...

On October 26, 1996, intersex activists from Intersex Society of North America and Transexual Menace held the first public intersex demonstration in Boston, where the American Academy of Pediatrics was holding its annual conference.

The press coverage generated from the event made it difficult for the medical community to continue to neglect the growing intersex movement. Due to this historical event in gender and sexualities, the 26th day of October is recognized as Intersex Awareness Day.

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